Re: The Fall of the Crimson Bat

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Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 18:34:24 -0000

A quick _dramatis personae_ of the player characters for Jeff's writeup follows. All of the player characters except Cholanth are members of the Varsmaring bloodline from the Orlmarthing clan, Colymar Tribe, Sartar.

Korlmhy: Priest of Orlanth, leader of the Lightning Rams hero band, whose guardian is Ingkarthen. Korlmhy carries the Farwalk Sandals, a gift from the clan regalia. His wife is Kera, an NPC.

Nisk: Warrior and flyer whose father Maniski was eaten by the Crimson Bat.

Brenna: Devotee of Redalda and mounted warrior, who just gave birth to a son conceived on a heroquest; she believes him to be Beren the Rider reborn.

Herger: Orlanthi warrior, who once fell to the Underworld on a heroquest and brought back seeds from a hawthorn tree that was growing by the River of Swords.

Dorasa: Devotee of Yinkin, holder of the Sandals of Darkness (taken from the Darkness gods by the hero band in an earlier heroquest).

Cholanth: A Gray Sage of Durengard, who became besotted with Dorasa (5W) and joined the band.

Kaylin and Jorator: Other members of the hero band whose players weren't present.            

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