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> I'd originally intended to buy all the MRQ books - but
> I expected that to be about three of them. As it is,
> I'm looking very carefully at who's writing what, and
> which bits are rules rather than background. Some
> authors are far better than others, and it looks like
> as a Glorantha-phile and rules-phobic, most of the
> books will be a complete waste of my time and cash.

It's the same here, except that I knew what to expect from Mongoose, both in terms of volume of output and the likely focus of many of the books. So I can't say I'm disappointed, as I largely got what I expected. The 2nd Age Glorantha book was very good (if not, perhaps, perfect) but so far nothing else has tempted me to buy it. Jrustela, and maybe the Clanking City, are the only upcoming books that look like they might be worth me buying.

This isn't a criticism - if I was an MRQ player, there are a number of HQ supplements I'd have no interest in. Doubly so if my campaign was set in the 2nd Age! Its also in the nature of MRQ that its supplements will have more rules in them than comparable HQ ones would, so that's fair enough. You gets what you pays for, and you can't really expect MRQ books to be much use to the typical HQ GM, or vice versa. At least, I didn't expect it. It's a different system, after all.

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