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From: Mark Galeotti <markgaleotti_at_DtpZggP3g3C9zM7vvGOiVRwVmyr-SPt8uF3zv5UGtND7N2fddfJwA4ebS6CHlmO>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 16:49:37 -0000

Hi Juha,

I'm not commenting on any of the Vinga stuff (a) because Greg already has, in a way that I think says whet needs to be said, (b) I haven't had the time to follow it all and (c) frankly because I don't care about some minor cult in some barbarian pantheon that really ought to shape up and see the glory of Sedenya's light. However, on this point let me reassure you that _nothing_ in the ILHs was written to be wrong or mislead players and narrators.

Sure, in some cases there are generalisations, as is inevitable when trying to fit such a huge and varied culture into such few pages. However, while there are extra complexities to be discovered this is akin to the shift between working off the Heortling info in the core HQ book and then getting TR and ST. Putting aside the odd refinement because of the shift from HW to HQ, what you get is not a different culture but a much richer, more textured one.

Also, some of the material in the ILHs is written from a Lunar perspective. A LM sage or a Ralian trader or a Kralori diplomat would all describe the same phenomena in different terms. (In fact, the ILHs from a Kralori perspective might be a very easy one to write and a quick and easy one to publish: "they are all ghosts. Or barbarians. Or the ghosts of barbarians. Either way, they don't matter.") But nothing presented as fact is objectively wrong. We didn;t set out to con you!

All the best


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