Re: Adept's questions on chaos

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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 03:21:30 -0000


Well, at first I agreed with valkoharja, the Warhammer version of chaos is kinda silly.

Then I thought some more and realised, "Hey, what a great way to screw with those bas... sorry, the players." :)

If someone knowingly eats something that's chaotic, then they have eaten "unclean" food. If they don't ritually cleanse themself, then they are at risk of corruption. Actually, that'd be true if they ate it unkowingly.

In my game, I would play it that spells start to weaken, reusable spells start becoming one-use etc. Strangers start to react badly to the character, eventually friends will start to act as though something's wrong. If these hints aren't enough to convince the character that something's wrong and to seek help and purification, then I would say hit 'em with a chaos feature.

Basically, by this point they ARE acting chaotically by not respecting their cultural and religious requirements.

Of course, if they start saying, "Hey, it's OK to eat a Broo, we'll just pray for a week afterwards," ie treating intellignent beings as food, that's pretty bad.

Note, none of the above would hold true for Uz. To an Uz, "Hey, it's edible. Might taste a bit spuffy, but what the heck! Chow down."

Then, of course, there's always the fun of sneaking a bit of broo/walktapus/scorpion man/whatever meat into someone's meal just before the Uroxi ride into town. Sense Chaos isn't going to distinguish between the stomach (and it's owner) or the contents therein.            

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