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From: Paul King <paul_at_NUGj4sjU2OwfA1frZSrY6IfYBIVmpzAcvGeMleAu2k9CPU-3Br3-n9LSoYIczFUViUAD_0I>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 07:39:40 +0100

On 20 Apr 2007, at 02:37, Michael Hitchens wrote:


> Heortlings regard incest and rape as really bad acts that are
> chaotic, or
> at least have a good chance of turning you chaotic. We know the
> second, at
> least, is true (for a heortling) Is this universal or Heortling
> specific?

As I understand it from previous discussions.

Heortlings, as members of the Storm Tribe have a "special relationship" with Chaos. Because of the actions of their Gods in producing the original eruption of Chaos Heortlings are more vulnerable to Chaos. Most importantly, breakdowns in their social order invite chaos attacks.

On the other hand, all rape is worship of Thed and all rapists are vulnerable to becoming broos.

  So far as I know incest isn't in the portfolio of any Chaotic god, so it likely comes under the "breakdown of social order" clause. It might have bad effects in other societies but it isn't explicitly tied to Chaos to the best of my knowledge.

(IMHO the events in the scenario referred to are extreme and very unusual. If pressed for an explanation I would suggest that the other problems invited further Chaos and that exaggerated the effects of the incest).            

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