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From: Michael Hitchens <michaelh_at_uIjFKDJel0ku_XivbOlruxI4Swbllrmspo_CNhJxXHqfp0oIWZSdqLKthHVB4Enn5dM>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 17:19:07 +1000 (EST)

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Paul King wrote:

> On 20 Apr 2007, at 02:37, Michael Hitchens wrote:
>> Heortlings regard incest and rape as really bad acts that are
>> chaotic, or
>> at least have a good chance of turning you chaotic. We know the
>> second, at
>> least, is true (for a heortling) Is this universal or Heortling
>> specific?
> As I understand it from previous discussions.
> Heortlings, as members of the Storm Tribe have a "special
> relationship" with Chaos. Because of the actions of their Gods in
> producing the original eruption of Chaos Heortlings are more
> vulnerable to Chaos. Most importantly, breakdowns in their social
> order invite chaos attacks.

Intersting, hadn't come across this before.

> On the other hand, all rape is worship of Thed and all rapists are
> vulnerable to becoming broos.

In all societies across Glorantha?

> So far as I know incest isn't in the portfolio of any Chaotic god,
> so it likely comes under the "breakdown of social order" clause. It
> might have bad effects in other societies but it isn't explicitly
> tied to Chaos to the best of my knowledge.
> (IMHO the events in the scenario referred to are extreme and very
> unusual. If pressed for an explanation I would suggest that the other
> problems invited further Chaos and that exaggerated the effects of
> the incest).

I agree - it was lighting the fuse to a bomb set and ready to explode, a bomb created by the breakdown of the clan.



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