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> I'm not sure Heortlings are more vunerable to chaos, they may just
> take the possibility of causing chaos more seriously than other
> cultures.

I'm pretty sure that it was agreed that other societies had less of a problem with Chaos. The mythic connections are the obvious explanation, and I do not remember any alternative being offered.
>> On the other hand, all rape is worship of Thed and all rapists are
>> vulnerable to becoming broos.
> But how are you defining rape? I doubt any culture in Glorantha
> uses the modern definition of sex with an unwilling partner.

Here I am reporting what was said in discussion, as best I remember it. Presumably Gloranthan rape is (now) defined by Thed's nature. I do suspect that the original intent was something close to the modern version,.

>> So far as I know incest isn't in the portfolio of any Chaotic god,
>> so it likely comes under the "breakdown of social order" clause. It
>> might have bad effects in other societies but it isn't explicitly
>> tied to Chaos to the best of my knowledge.
> I take the view that everything that causes chaos comes under
> that clause. Rape may have a specific god but kinstrife is
> a bigger cause of chaos to Heortlings. To Dara Happens the
> biggest cause of chaos is rebellion against legitimate
> authority. So to the Heortlings rape is probably defined as
> sex causing kinstrife while to the Dara Happens rape is sex
> that which brings Gorgorma's retribution.

I have to disagree that the Heortling definition of rape requires

kinstrife.  FIrstly Orlanthi law recognises many offences short of  
kinstrife.  Some of them condemned nearly as much (secret murder, for  
instance).  Secondly the Heortling version of the Thed myth doesn't  
seem to involve kinstrife. Indeed a key point is that Ragnaglar was kin to Orlanth and Thed was not, thus Orlanth's judgement favoured Ragnaglar.

Dara Happa doesn't seem to have the same attitude towards Chaos as the Heortlings. While they see rebellion as bad, no doubt about it, it does not seem to be so closely connected to the cosmic Chaos.            

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