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>> On the other hand, all rape is worship of Thed and all rapists are
>> vulnerable to becoming broos.
> But how are you defining rape? I doubt any culture in Glorantha
> uses the modern definition of sex with an unwilling partner.

"to act as a broo with man, woman or child" Thunder rebels p.44

I'd say it's pretty close to ours - most people (the sane ones anyway) being unwilling aprtners for a broo.

>> So far as I know incest isn't in the portfolio of any Chaotic god,
>> so it likely comes under the "breakdown of social order" clause. It
>> might have bad effects in other societies but it isn't explicitly
>> tied to Chaos to the best of my knowledge.
> I take the view that everything that causes chaos comes under that
> clause. Rape may have a specific god but kinstrife is a bigger cause of
> chaos to Heortlings. To Dara Happens the biggest cause of chaos is
> rebellion against legitimate authority. So to the Heortlings rape is
> probably defined as sex causing kinstrife while to the Dara Happens rape
> is sex that which brings Gorgorma's retribution.

Kinstrife is only between kin. I doubt rape is defined that narrowly amongst the Heortlings. The above quote does not imply that.


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