Re: Some questions looking for answers...

From: narsham01 <Narsham_at_pSajVgWFk4KmG4V-Q6eYkv5QfkiwHUL1TUCDW9gqGlB2ORWrdNRHaw-44lFr4O2zVz4v>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 17:57:07 -0000

Here's a point where I'd guess some "solutions" to the Ogre nature would work in all or almost all cultures (to the extent of the Ogre no longer being Chaotic, or an Ogre), while others might not.

Becoming a Troll looks like a fairly straightforward (if demanding) way to streamline and normalize the Ogre hunger. Since it would involve a race-change, it might also scrub away the Chaos, though the resulting troll might retain a chaos taint or not depending upon the process used. If successfully turned into a troll, the ogre would be seen as a troll by others, too. That wouldn't prevent the new troll from being corrupted by Chaos, but it would represent a fresh start of sorts.

As an Orlanthi-centric player, I haven't followed all of the Lunar materials out there as carefully as I might have, but I'm guessing that the Red Moon cult might have ways to "convert" an ogre away from Chaos without changing the ogre's race. In these cases, members of some cultures might continue to see the ogre as a Chaotic creature. An Urox unable to smell Chaos on said ogre would probably attribute it to foul Lunar magics and kill the thing anyway.            

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