Re: Second Age Teshnos

From: Gianni Vacca <giannieanna_at_ICYFAzHhEIfKe5sLVhcEYqUzusA34chKZPbNKBAlDU4lf286BDYCCh86NHoNElQb>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 20:12:32 -0000


> Given Teshnos's prostate state, it's also a land of intruige. The
> Kralorelans are seeking to replace the rule of the God Learners
> with that of ShangHsa. The Old Mandarins of the New Kingdom
> of Wisdom are also active seeking to create a new front to
> divert ShangHsa from a planned conquest of Bliss in Ignorance.
> Agents from the EWF (from Pent), the Eastern Seas Empire
> and the Elf Empire of Errinoru are also active.
> The worst threat of all is from Than Ulbar, a giant skull in the
> Wastes. They seek the Black Light of Atyar, the flame that
> results from the destruction of knowledge to resurrect their
> ancient chaos god from his sandy grave.

Wow! This gives me more adventure hooks than I could have possibly dreamed of :-)
(and Thanatar is an old favourite of mine!)

This tells me a lot about foreign agents in Teshnos. But what about the locals? 'The Middle Sea Empire' doesn't say much about them. According to 'Genertela Crucible of the Hero Wars', they seem to worship Solar deities.



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