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YGWV wrote:
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> <>> "Mike Dawson" writes:
> >I've often wondered about how the Aldryami manage to maintain both
> >some kind of identification with "their" breed of tree (white oak,
> >yellow pine, redwood, bristlecone) and a species-level dedication to
> >the understanding of the welfare of the forest as a whole.
> I don't think most individual Aldryami do have this view of the forest
> as a whole.

YGWV. The collective nature of a forest has been the published standard for quite a while.

> It's restricted to those trees/dryads that have existed

The dryads and elves are, of course, only a small part of the whole forest.

> long enough to gain that understanding. Within the forest there are all
> sorts of squabbling groups. However when threatened by outsiders they
> put aside their quarrels to deal with the threat. And the leaders
> of the forest are those who do understand that it's the forest as a
> whole that matters. Those leaders remember the last time humans broke
> their word, and the time before that.

This is a very humanistic way of viewing the forest.

> >Perhaps finding a way to break this magical community is one of the
> >ways to fight the Reforestation. Could it be that the Bristlecone
> >Elves are much much less than enthusiastic about the White Pine
> >Elves' aggressive forest expansion plans?
> I'm sure this is true but the disagreement is more a matter of how
> soon and by what means. The Reforestation is an attempt to return
> to the Green Age and I think an important objective of the leaders
> of all the forests.

My point was that where bristlecones live there is almost nothing else, and they likely have little to do with any reforestation at all.

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