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>[The God Learners] sort of waltzed over Kralorela and eliminated the Emperor
>Dragon, probably neutralizing most of the other resident dragons, but I am
>less inclined to have them lay Thrunhin Da to sleep - they never
>controlled the Sea of Fog.

It's a bit of a stretch to assert that the God Learners never controlled the Sea of Fog. In any case, Thrunhin Da lies at the bottom of the Sea of Fog whereas the surface was fair game so the God Learners had little reason for attempting her suppression.

>Pamaltela has few mentions of draconic entities, unless you count the
>hydras and Amuron, the Horned Serpent, Creator of the Fiwan and the world.

I think Pamaltelan Draconic Mythology is confined to Slargeland.

>The Sea Dragons conquered by Waertag aren't quite part of the draconic
>myths in either the central Genertelan or Kralori versions, and
>certainly are not directly related to Thrunhin Da.

Since the Genertelan and Kralori myths don't really have much to say about each other (to the extent that the Dragonewts and the Kralori call each other liars), you can hardly use that as evidence that the Sea Dragons are not draconic.

>This makes the West pretty poor in dragons, too.

Pretty poor in what way? That knights cannot have tales about fighting dragons?

>Very few are mentioned by name, and then some entities are named as
>dragons in some context and non-dragons at other times (e.g. Vith).

Vith is not and never has been a dragon. The Kralori TarnGatHa is the dragon Dogsalu in Vithelan mythology. That the Kralori think that Dogsalu was the first ruler only demonstrates their stupidity in Vithelan eyes. The next draconic ruler, HeenMaroun, is Govmeranen who is explicitly a son of Dogsalu in Kralori myth. After him comes the non-draconic Osdero who the Kralori call Metsyla and the dragons disappear from Kralori myth until Daruda's time.

>There is also the Sun Dragon that can be contacted in Pavis, and the
>Genertelan Dragon (Snake-whiskered ..) that was befriended by HonEel.
>Ormsfang is not listed as one of the True Dragons of Dragon Pass, but
>is a known dragon of the Eastern Rockwoods.

I'm thinking the Snake-whiskered dragon is actually the Green Dragon. It would mean that he would have to leave his resting place for a jaunt to the Nights of Horrors though.

>Besides the Dragonet of Dragon's Eye (and presumably that of Ryzel,
>according to some sources, while others say that Dragon's Eye is
>unique in having a Dragonet) there are known former Inhuman Kings.

Not to mention the Mottled One of the Homeward Ocean which lives in Teleos.

>The Emperor Sun of Dara Happa was reported to have been killed, but is
>said to be identical to the Sun Dragon that can be contacted in Pavis.
>Dead or not?

Given that his appearance at the Dragonkill War was a shock to the Dayzatar Priests there, I'm convinced that it's Not Dead.

>Kralori dragons look and behave strange while in Kralorela (source:
>Anaxial's Roster), but appear to be numerous. Are they True Dragons?

They are a rank below True Dragons. I don't think they are Dream Dragons but equivalent in power and spiritual status to noble and ruler dragonewts.

>Did they appear as similar in shape to the four known ones of Dragon
>Pass during the Dragonkill?

I think the Kralori Dragons had more important things to do at the time such as the War in Heaven.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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