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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 08:07:54 -0800

YGWV Kenrae wrote:

> I know that the wyter warns the clan when
> there is a raid, even a cattle raid. It supposedly warns the clan when
> someone enters the tula with hostile intentions. Then, what happens
> when some people enter the clan, asks for hospitality, but their true
> intentions are assassinating a guest inside the chieftain's hall?
> Should the wyter warn about that? What are the limits on what a wyter
> can do?

The wyters are not infallible beings, but have limitations that are largely personal. That is, they can do the things that they can do, but have different particulars on HOW they do it, and also how well.

They would have personal weaknesses, for instance. They could also not be familiar with new things, new ways to bypass their knowledge or perceptions.

Which bring up the point that people know there are these alarm systems there, and will generally use magic to protect them from it. Invaders, even cattle raiders, will try various things to get in without detection--perhaps to conceal themselves completely, maybe disguise themselves and their intentions, perhaps divert the wyter's attention, use feints, etc

And old timers will likely know the weakness of their neighbor's wyter, and of course the naives will generally know the weakness of their own protector. So if my wyter is weak in detecting disguised assassins, the chief will be especially wary to be on the alert for them.

Which can also lead to misjudgements, due to the suspicions.

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