Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 23:15:57 -0400

I love it.

It's perfect.

Yoinked for My Glorantha.


valkoharja wrote:
> A copy from Gloranthan Digest, since I think you guys should see this
> too. Chris is a genious. I hope I captured his idea properly.
> Subject : Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!
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> [Chris Lemens]
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> > Darkness is an element. Darkness is not merely the absence of light.
> > Sound waves move through air. Darksense waves move through darkness,
> > which is just as much an actual tangible substance as light, air,
> > water, and earth...
> What a brainwave! That is excellent. Darksense as real world sonar has
> always seemed too technical and based on our world's natural law. The
> logic and function of Sonar is good, but obviously on Glorantha Sonar
> (or rather darksense) is carried on the Darkness (the element).
> That makes the troll weakness during daytime make much more sense.
> Othervice both the trolls and trollkin could just wear blindfolds and
> rely on their sonar during the day as well. No darkness = no
> darksense. The mistress race trolls are almost blind and dark trolls
> have to make do with sight that is inferior to that of humans.
> Trollkin are good in twilight (having well developed eyes) but can't
> stand full daylight.
> Excellent! A copy of this should totally go on to the World of
> Glorantha list. I'll send it.
> -Adept

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