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YGWV valkoharja wrote:
> > Darkness is an element. Darkness is not merely the absence of light.
> > Sound waves move through air. Darksense waves move through darkness,
> > which is just as much an actual tangible substance as light, air,
> > water, and earth...
> What a brainwave! That is excellent.

I agree. Brilliant and wonderful.

> Darksense as real world sonar has
> always seemed too technical and based on our world's natural law. The
> logic and function of Sonar is good, but obviously on Glorantha Sonar
> (or rather darksense) is carried on the Darkness (the element).

Yes, I do not recall the quotes from TrollPak, but I had always considered it "like sonar" rather than to be sonar. This insight puts the real capper on it.

> That makes the troll weakness during daytime make much more sense.
> Othervice both the trolls and trollkin could just wear blindfolds and
> rely on their sonar during the day as well. No darkness = no
> darksense. The mistress race trolls are almost blind and dark trolls
> have to make do with sight that is inferior to that of humans.
> Trollkin are good in twilight (having well developed eyes) but can't
> stand full daylight.

One little point:
In the daytime there are often patches of shadows. Even out in the desert the uz would cast shadows. So I can imagine their darksense in such circumstances sort of skipping form shadow to shadow, sounding to them like static might sound to us. In a dense forest, where the trees provide a lot of shade then the static is not great--but since this is shadow (ie, weak darkness) then the "volume" is probably low. But in the desert it is probably all static, AND low volume.

Oh--another thought! I've got ringing in my ears because the upper range of my hearing is shot (too much standing in front of speakers at rock clubs inh my youth). The ringing is "filled in" by my mind to make up for the los range.

So maybe instead of static, they have a ringing in their darksense.

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