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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 00:34:37 GMT

In message <> Greg writes:
>I'd like to solicit some opinions and options from you all.
>As you may know, I'm working on a complete mythology of the Heortlings.
>Getting all the materials into one place, and also filling in some gaps.
>Well, one gap is in the Ernalda section.
>So I'd like to get your suggestions, ideas and so on for the roles that
>Ernalda plays. We know the "standard" one already, but elaborations upon
>that, and expansions, are welcome.
>No promises, just asking.

I think the biggie is Ernalda's side of her courtship by Orlanth. Why did she choose him? How did she attract him? Clearly the tests she set him were to prove that he could support and protect her and their children. We know the Heortlings have matchmakers so there must be myths about how Vela negotiated the marriage between the Storm Tribe and the Earth Tribe.

Then there's the period before she met Orlanth when she went out in the world and learnt about it and her abilities. Something in that experience persuaded her to take the passive role. What was it and what are the myths about her doings in that time. Is there a subcult of Ernalda which can use those abilities? Clearly there is something there that Heortling women don't want practiced or it wouldn't be so obscure that there isn't a mention of the subcult in any publication so far.

There's a myth I've done which explains why Yelmalio thinks that Ernalda is his promised bride. It's part of a story I've offered to Ye Book of Tentacles so I don't want to publish it here.

I'll probably think of other ideas in due course and expand on the above.

Donald Oddy


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