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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 21:13:38 -0800

I'm rather shocked to see the opinions expressed here. These are not what I said at all, and if John is this confused then I can only imagine what less informed people thought.

John Hughes wrote:

> Why can't a Heortling woman pick up a spear without having to join a
> marginal cult,

I am lost about where it says she has to join any cult at all to pick up a spear, and even to use it.

> which may or may not, according to your vision and
> soul, entail 'deviant' sexuality?

I never said deviant. I never said the Heortlings say it is deviant. Same sex relationships are not deviant.

 > Vinga who - despite her perchant for knocking gods skulls together -
> apparently falls to pieces when she gets pregnant,

Falls to pieces? Where is that from?

> and who followers
> are pressured into 'masculine', lesbian relationships and sex roles.)

I never said such a thing.

> What's going on here?

My question exactly.

Greg Stafford

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