RE: Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

From: Sam Elliot <samclau_at_B9yCgQ4N1mRNfwC4DOQxboAuYGzI72P6efri4ZzuJnGKyroD1ivFx_CH5Yh9kt42gnLv>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 07:44:05 -0300

> > >From such POVs, darkness probably wouldn't be recognized as an
> > element, and such statements would be an example of cultural bias.
> > This, of course, makes for some interesting ways to mess with players
> > who read the book and think it's all sonar.
> > GM: "You're in a cave and you see a troll."
> > PC: "Make lots of noise to confuse its sonar(Darksense)!"
> I don't think this wold be certain of working anyway. Even with the
> relatively crude sonar in WWII a skilled sonar operator could tell the
> differences between a school of fish, temperature variants, a whale and
> a submarine.

How good is their sense of smell? I always consider it pretty much up there with dogs (i.e. a million times better than ours, this being the statistic I recall from university rather than hyperbole). Sam.            

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