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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 10:44:22 -0000

Hail to the Gregmeister

> > and who followers
> > are pressured into 'masculine', lesbian relationships and sex
> I never said such a thing.

This is something that I am super interested in, and has been debated at length elsewhere - YGWV and MGF and all that.

It has been suggested that yours and others like view of Heortling society is that if a female worships a warrior deity, they are fringe deities at best, constraining women to be 'faux men', wearing trousers and in effect 'being men' in the eyes of their society rather than being women who are warriors.

Vinga has been marginalised by some, she is no longer the gateway to Orlanth for women, especially those who do not worship Ernalda and want to lead, they can initiate straight to Orlanth Rex. This isn't such a big deal for me, as I allow women access to all the Thunder Brothers through Vinga. YGWV and all that.

Then there is the suggestion that Vingan women may require to engage in same sex relationships as a cult stricture.

It is felt by a few that women get the shaft in terms of the warrior deities they get to worship, at least from a play perspective. In fact I suggest that the two most fun warlike deities for Heortling women to worship is Vinga and Humakt. Humakt got the 'un-fun' treatment in Storm Tribe, but thats my opinion and I recognise why the change was made. Vinga seems to have been made less appealing as a socially acceptable martial outlet by suggesting that they are really 'men'. The earth warrior cults for women are presented as psychopathic as Uroxi, but less pleasent!! Not seen a player yet who has wanted to explore Babs Gor except in one off convention games.

I also feel strongly against this notion that if a Vingan gets preganant then she is a failure, and is letting down the Storm Tribe. However, I attribute that sentiment to Jeff (Richard) revealed in debate; I have not seen that view shared by you.

So, whats the skinny on current Vingan thinking?


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