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From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_ruGkcStAt0YyjNwU6y1D8uF480ABEfUHKnUt3Fn8H5OUra_JIYzLcVGpByF0AnetnPn>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 12:18:48 -0000

> deities at best, constraining women to be 'faux men', wearing
> trousers and in effect 'being men' in the eyes of their society
> rather than being women who are warriors.

These views are pretty strange to me. I just had a female gamer write up a Vingan character for my Heortland game, and the archetype (one of them) I explained to her was that of a "tomboy". A girl who likes to play with the boys, with football and cattleraiding, rather than focusing on the traditional girl-stuff of weaving and learning ernalda's wisdom. It's about temperament more than anything.

> Then there is the suggestion that Vingan women may require to engage
> in same sex relationships as a cult stricture.

That is past bizarre! If anything vingan's are described in the offiscial sources as being like modern scandinavian girls. They aren't yet interested in finding a marriage partner, but have fun with young men as they please. Vinga is supposed to be a wild young thing, full of laughter and joy of life.

The ritualized manliness and lesbianism you describe seems like a really, really strange take of it. I don't get it.


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