Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

From: rune.writer <rune.writer_at_Qo6u5WQTZDJJ_dn4ouEAqvl1fCpZeHC9AQepZZQ5otQf_3LEV5RQySgon9EOPUSK>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 17:57:21 -0000

Yeah, but we're not talking about skilled Sonar counter measures. We're talking about smart ass players who read the books and think of ways to screw up the game in many wonderful ways the GM had never imagined.
Of course, I have to include myself in that group as well...

It's a nice, in game, way of challenging preconceptions and making Trolls a bit more exotic without GW-style "spiky bits".            

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