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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 11:20:17 -0700 (PDT)

CJ asks:  

> Is it suitable for new players without much Gloranthan knowledge?

Yes, absolutely. You could start with complete newbies. You could start them off in Fay Jee, perhaps as foreign teenagers from the west, who would never have run into some of the local oddities. Fay Jee has a lot of the feel of a small medieval city, with a little bit of Thieves' World (the books, not the game). It should be fairly familiar to anyone who reads fantasy novels. You can then introduce the oddities -- like storm worshipers, trolls and elves -- as encounters. You can give them the little explanation that they would need. "You've heard of trolls before. Supposedly, they are men of darkness. These must be trolls, but they look very little like men." Etc. The sorcery system might be a little tough on them. But for low-level characters, it mainly means getting some blessings. Learning the local common magic as encounters might be a good way to start them out. So, for total newbies, you might want to have a series of "get to know the city" adventures first.  

For people who have any Gloranthan knowledge whatsoever, you wouldn't even need that. It would be utter simplicity, so long as you can explain the contest systems of the rules to them.    

> Could a GM base a decent campaign on this and the HQ rulebook?

Yes. That is exactly what I think the "HeroQuest Starter Pack" should be, if there was such a thing.

Jeff responds:  

> That was the intent when I wrote it.

You succeeded.  

Now a fanboy,

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