Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_JPnryPOcKv3mKYhdBkzCvwFaeYBROE-ofHFXC9_YT6-5BQU91KcAAFEh0DH2CnoLGzW>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 20:33:15 -0000

> > (Having said that, the human sense of smell is actually rather
> > good. People who train their noses can do pretty impressive things
> > with them.)
> Well, it functions. But, in comparison to most other mammals, it
> falls short.
> Sam.

Seriously, that's just lack of focus and training. Dog's, especially some specific breeds are very impressive when it comes to the sense of smell, but a human is quite competetive to most other mammals when trained and alert.

As to the nature of darksense. I recommend looking into dolphins and sonar. David Brin's "Startide Rising" has intelligent (uplifted) dolphins, and a lot of great stuff their senses.

As for the other senses, like hearing and smell, I'd say that trolls would have the edge on humans, but nothing spectacular. Look into the elves if you want to see superior senses. Large pointy ears and big eyes. The elves are also more like a pray species where the trolls are predators, so they would have good sensory coverage... amplified of course by the green song of the forest.


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