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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 08:51:41 -0000

Hi Greg (and fellow list members)

I apologise if my analytic tone caught you by surprise. It was certainly not my intention to be disruptive or negative. Critical yes, but in the more precise and hopefully positive sense. I'm cursed with a certain way of looking at mythology. MGWV.

Greg, I have discussed the 'new Vinga' issue at length and great depth  over several Glorantha lists in the last months, with Jeff, your co-author in the enterprise, and with many other Glorigeeks who were interested, concerned, despairing, suspicious or embracing of the proposed retro-fitting and its effects on existing campaigns, characters, and the way that choices for female characters are once more limited and constrained. Most of the people on this list will be familiar with the debate: many have contributed to it. If my latest post is somehow infused with a sense of sadness and weariness that resulted from that discussion, then again, I apologise. The points I made may seem harsh to someone who has not followed the previous discussion, but all have been discussed at great length.

The main issues (for me at least) cannot be dealt with merely as in-game ideologies and factoids, but also in part need to address Glorantha's underlying ideologies,values, and directions, and the nature of our community . These issues are important, but are seldom addressed directly.

I am happy to continue the discussion here (though in in a few days time), or to take it to private email. I can also post a precis of my own discussion on other lists if this would be considered helpful.

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