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YGWV Quoting Paolo Guccione <>:

>> Quoting from Greg:
>> Yes and no. Westerners tend to explain the use of magic as the
>> "intervention of God" but "through the saints" or some such.
> This is true for priestly/liturgist magic, but what about wizardly
> magic? I have always regarded it as "using Logic to manipulate the
> natural forces".

Yes, for the atheistic sorcerers.
But the Churchly sorcerers, often called Wizards, still view it as "through the saints."

>> They don't have a story like the Great Compromise, except insofar as
>> there are several versions of it that were "imported" by the GL and
>> entered into various saintly cults or churches without the people
>> knowing these are theist invasions of myth.
>> In general,the western explanation is that God is "out there," and
>> thus does not intervene.
> But does not forbid wizards to perform some trick, does He?

No, most of the Western churches donot forbid the use of proper (ie, sorcerous/wizardly) magic. In fact, most of them would encourage such, as long as it is the "correct kind," where correct = "as our church does it."

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