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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 23:58:33 -0000

> Becoming tainted could be as easy as taking a wrong turning
> in snakepipe hollow.
> Becoming a chaotic however is much more difficult because
> the compromise is so strong. Chiefly it requires _intent_.
> There are circumstances in which a hero could tragically
> choose to become chaotic to avoid an even worse fate.
> But the concept that a hero might become chaotic without
> conscious intent is about as remote as the chances of
> him becoming a dragon without conscious intent.

Perhaps we can say this is the difference between being cursed by chaos, and becoming chaotic. Curses can be lifted. Previously I have always considered 'chaos taint' to mean chaotic nature, but this may simply be because the term taint was ambiguous to me. I'm prepared to accept the idea of a chaos taint being lifted or redeemed in some way perhaps, but it would be a good deal more difficult than lifting most other kinds of curse because it doesn't involve normal, or 'natural' magic.

Another point I'd like to make is that a choice you are deceived into making is still a choice with potentially binding consequences. Also the fact that the only other choices available involved death, hideous deformity, torture, etc is unlikely to mitigate the consequences.

Simon Hibbs            

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