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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_hzWeGN1T6dgWnmrzeebYLgmSi3R23B1xTLcOXBYFHvlqMYJwXHvQ8LwiLtDalrCgx5cbmWB>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 06:35:09 -0700

> On 12/07/07, Greg Stafford <> wrote:
>> No, most of the Western churches do not forbid the use of proper (ie,
>> sorcerous/wizardly) magic. In fact, most of them would encourage such,
>> as long as it is the "correct kind," where correct = "as our church
>> does it."
> Would this be like making sure the filioque is in every incantation
> (or that sort of thing...), or is it more prescriptive in what is
> "correct" magically?

The churches are jealous of their prerogatives and powers, and they have many differences. Each attempts to enforce their way as the "One True Way," with varying degress of intensity and success. Varius scriptures, grimoires and saints are allowed her, but not there. Various spells are allowed from the grimoires and ascriptures. As well as local customs, etc.

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