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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:55:47 GMT

In message <> "John Machin" writes:
>On 12/07/07, Greg Stafford <> wrote:
>> No, most of the Western churches donot forbid the use of proper (ie,
>> sorcerous/wizardly) magic. In fact, most of them would encourage such,
>> as long as it is the "correct kind," where correct = "as our church
>> does it."
>Would this be like making sure the filioque is in every incantation
>(or that sort of thing...), or is it more prescriptive in what is
>"correct" magically?

I'd say it varies from school to school. At one extreme there will be precise rules on acceptable magic - step outside those and it's a matter for the inquisition. At the other a brief prayer is all that's needed to show your piety. Of course the latter schools are more vunerable to accusations of sorcery.

Donald Oddy


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