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From: Toread DuDerysi <jakyer_at_4Fe0IKphMxY8so8OAWl-s9G-lIVDDttyMSaPkJyyomPAfUTUYcJ732TlHkYotfk_xTtww>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:48:39 -0000

Some Churches are very restrictive. The Rokari, for example, permit very few saints and wizardly orders to survive - and many of those exist on sufferance.

Other Churches, such as the Ashara Church in Wenelia varies wildly from sect to sect (read each House has its own list of saints they accept) which are more politically driven than through any religious reasons. Similarly, the Ivine Church (aka Church of Slontos) also has wildly varying saints but this is more due to their post-Closing and Destruction of Slontos isolation leading to variant practices. They are all members of the same Church but to hear them talk, each views all the other congregations as heretics.

Even in the time of the One True Malkion Church of the Second Age there was regional variation though it only became pronounced during the latter part of the Middle Sea Empire as they began to break up into seperate religious and political units.

And the acceptance of sorcerous schools is very much a local issue - except among the Rokari who have a sort of fire, sword, stake attitude to sorcerers.

At least, that's my take on the matter.


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