Re: Make up new Gods, dang it!

From: Laurent Castellucci <lightcastle_at_LvBSthHYsTc26k8ks3Qqpd4wj7Ou72Lolxhc4z7sShZF2XEDtTEmDqE43qD80MJZ>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:18:26 -0400

I'm curious as to how this kind of mixed worship differs from Lunar worship to the casual eye.
Yes, there are functional differences in that Lunars can concentrate on Lunar and are subject to the cycle, but if I understand ILH2 properly, then someone worshipping a single entity can get what appear as spells and feats. (for example)

Would this appear different than the mixed magic of other people? Is it that in other people you never see mixed magic gained like that from worship of a single entity?


Toread DuDerysi wrote:
> -
> > My question is, in some places, where people have very mixed
> > religions--that is they typically practice both sacrifice and
> > venerative worship, for example--might some worshippers get some
> > functions as affinities, but others as blessings and spells? (or
> > affinities and fetishes, or whatever).
> >
> > I know this sort of thing is true in Teshnos, but there I think it
> has
> > to do with the somewhat mystical nature of the beings worshiped
> there?
> >
> > I'm looking at just how weird I can reasonably get for minor
> figures
> > in Wenelia :-)
> >
> > --Bryan
> I do know that some Wenelians and a few "gone native" Trader Prince
> Houses offer sacrifice to St. Caselian and Ashara, Mask of the
> Invisible God, and gain strange powers as a result of this (e.g.
> feats instead of blessings). However, most of the other Houses view
> these nigh-apostates with considerable suspicion.
> Jeff

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