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YGWV Quoting valkoharja <>:

>> There is no experience in Glorantha of "before the three otherworlds
>> split apart." Yes, this is a theory there (as well as among us) but
>> it does not correspond to anything that anyone has experienced.
> Ok. I was misremembering something there then, I think.

But I do not think that I have ever said that the origin of the Otherworlds was from a single source.

>> > I think it should be possible to manage this, so that you
>> > personally could mix and manipulate magic freely from all three
>> > sources... sort of like the lunars do, I guess.
>> And "should be possible" means what?
> I was referring to the fact that a yelmalio worshipper can do a quest
> where he, as Yelmalio, beats Zorak Zoran and retains his fire powers.
> This doesn't mean that every other yelmalian suddenly has fire powers,
> but it will still be true for him.

Ah, yes. That can occur, with great difficulty. (although, btw, he will have some other problem instead...)

But, see, there was a possibility that Yelmalio could have succeeded, but there is nothing to indicate that the three Otherworlds ever were one, never mind that they could have remained as one.

> I was thinking that a person could quest for for a way to combine the
> magic from sources in all three worlds into one paradigm. I'm not sure
> there's actually any reason for such. This is just a thought
> experiment, and me trying to clarify the nature of the three
> otherworlds in my head.

I understand.
I think that anyone who pursues that path would conclude that mysticism is the only solution, and that if they ever achieved the mystical power to know or cause such a thing, they wouldn't bother.

> Parhaps, again, the closest said quester would come would be to
> convert to the lunar religion and worldview.

I think that's the most important thing here. The Gloanthans HAVE and example of what you are talking about. I think that they would be more likely to go and explore that, etc.; than try to invent it again.

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