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Chris may not realize it yet, but some of his fellow player characters were Cannibal Cultists ;-)

Sandy wrote up an article about the CC in an issue of TotRM. As played in our campaign, the members of such a cult eat an organ of their sacrifice, such as the heart, and add the victim's appropriate characteristic, such as STR, to their own (following the sacrifice of the cultist's POW). The added STR dwindles away at the rate of 1 point per day.


Chris Lemens wrote:

> Adept asks about the Cannibal Cult. I am away from sources, but I think
> the sources are Nomad Gods and Drastic Prax. They are a group that
> survived the darkness by eating people. The speculative / folk story is
> that the Cannibal Cult misunderstood Waha's Covenant of the Eaters and
> the Eaten, and decided that everyone could be either and they preferred
> to be Eaters. They probably use a version of Peaceful Cut on people.
> They probably supplement their diet with plants in the same way that
> other Praxians do. I do not think that they have a founder or a
> protectress. I fail to see hw they could actually worship Waha, but
> maybe they do. I seem to recall that they have their own specialized
> cult, which I suspect gives them power from eating people. I know no
> details, but it seems likely that it is essentially ancestor worship of
> their ancestor who attended the Covenant, learned Peaceful Cut, and
> learned how to get power from eating people. If you
> don't lke that one, they could worship Daka Fal, Foundchild, Helpwoman,
> and Dark Eater. Their shamans would be particularly terrifying,
> especially if they don't use Peaceful Cut. They are necessarily a small
> group. I can't see them marrying out or anyone marrying in, so I imagine
> that they either rape their captives, steal children, or are horribly
> inbred. No doubt, normal Praxians say all three.
> I'll pass on implications connecting them to Oklahoma.
> Chris

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