Re: Real World Vingans

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 19:10:12 -0000

There is an article in Ancient Warfare (1999) edited by John Carmen and Anthony Harding related to this subject. I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned it. It is..

The Elusive Warrior Maiden Tradition: Bearing Weapons in Anglo-Saxon Society by Deborah. J. Shepherd.

Early English society is one of the real world cultures I use in my Glorantha as a model for Heortling society in Sartar.

One section of the article discusses the grave goods in pre-Christian cemeteries. Specifically it deals with the cases where the sex of the skeleton does not match the typical gender of the grave goods. Interestingly such burials are reasonably common. There are a fair number of burials of young females with spears and shields. However burials of male skeltons with items usually considered to be associated with females are more common still.            

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