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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 16:44:42 +0200

The waertagi are not an aquatic race. They live on the seas, in their cityships but not in the water.

The dry docks are called dry because they are the rare locations where a dragonship is not anchored
some distance from the shore.

Since the waertagi trade with both the mermen and the landbased countries, most of the time a dragonship is docked far from land (a wet dock)

Jean wrote:
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> <>> DURUPT Jean writes:
> >Well, in Brithos there is city named Waertagwal. I think it is there
> >that the dragonships were repaired and maybe dragged ashore.
> >
> >I was not clear enough about what I thought the dry docks are.
> >I see them as gigantic tubs, open to the sea, dug so that even at low
> >tide the water is at least 31m deep in them. They are colossal
> >structures because the walls around them must withstand the shock of
> >the wave when a dragonship enter or leave the harbor.
> >The dragonship is afloat inside a dry dock but immobile.
> >The walls can be used as wharves.
> Then why are they called "dry docks"?
> I'm not sure why an aquatic race would need a dry dock for repairs
> but maybe there's something which requires doing on dry land.
> Of course it's possible that the term was only applied to the
> structures after they fell into disrepair and their real use
> had been forgotten.
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