Re: Outlawry 3

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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 21:26:47 -0000

I knew there was a reason I liked the cleverest Thunderbrother.  

> > But yes, I think that many an outlaw might visit the
> > shrines of rival clans or even in other tribes. Just as long as
> > their outlawry doesn't result in their being cast out from
> > society...
> What other kind of outlawry is there?

I seem to recall in Storm Tribe that talked about lesser outlawry and greater outlawry. The lesser merely kicked you out of the clan for a fixed period of time but did not remove your membership in society - it was more equivalent to exile now that I think about it. Greater outlawry was banishment from society - which included loss of magic I think.

It may be that we weren't thinking mythically enough when Storm Tribe was written and too much like Norse and Icelanders. =)  

> > ...but Gagarthi can worship anywhere.
> although, of course, a holy place is better than other places.

And someone else's holy place you've taken over is probably as good as any! Though I think we need to have some sort of recurring robber's roost written up somewhere. HeroQuest and Glorantha has been very long on cultural background but short on published examples of clans and these sorts of situations.


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