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From: jongjom2003 <JonGJoM_at_aTXsTgl0rPOVF_k06sbuXTaPAgjRq2Fct0NuA7_t4WbFdRZF_OgRMzhG7hwv2T-qHFWD>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:22:33 -0000

> >This is something that perplexes me. Why all the blurb about HQ
> >its wonderful engine if we only get stats of groups and people we
> >never heard of or are unlikely to hear of again.
> You only don't hear about them again if you've no use for them in
> your Glorantha. Even then the ideas and concepts can be of use
> because they are fairly typical individuals and groups. Whereas
> someone like Jar-Eel is a one off. Until your players reach the
> level when they would challenge her her stats are irrelevant and
> then it's a one off episode. But you can get an entire campaign
> out of an Association and their members.

Yet in the Great Arthur Campaign you get the main protagonists stats, why not with HQ and all its scale-ability. HQ has been out for years now. So much for moving up the scale.

> Of course the fact that this particular Association has now been
> documented means other authors are likely to use it in their
> writings. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

Are they an important group in the oncoming Hero Wars? Will they be significantly featured in future products?

To me HQ should be all about the big picture: the Hero Wars. Publications should provide chance to heroquest, mix it with the big names, and make history. It still feels it's a role-playing adventure game, lacking in confidence to take on the big picture stuff. Roll on the Great Argrath Campaign.

Too much minutae detail.


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