Re: Material on God Forgot, and comments on "Clanking City"

From: Stephen Tempest <e-g_at_blQ8lEwiYFuUbrhcjibLl4mWrexM5gTPdMGfmpehAZGf1kohG3IDeSUf48EzyaU9FmY31UH7>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:03:59 +0100

"valkoharja" <> writes:

>I've been looking for sources and inspiration and sources on God
>Forgot, Refuge and the Clanking City. Does somebody here own the
>Mongoose Clanking City book and have some opinions to offer on it?

My opinion on the book - like most of the Mongoose stuff I've read - is that it's definitely RuneQuest rather than HeroQuest. That is, it's got a definite old-school gritty pulp action adventure feeling to it, rather than the more mythic, large-scale feel. It concentrates on details like the current leader of the God Learners having nothing left of his human body but his nose, upper lip and brain, or the fact that the Great Machine incorporates human body parts as well as cogs and gears. It doesn't tell us the myth of how Mr Raccoon once stole Zistor's differential crankshaft, and what he did to get it back. ;-)

Though having said that, the Clanking City book *does* include a lot of interesting details on God Learner politics and beliefs. There's also 30 pages of description of the city as it was in its heyday, and a section on Zistorite artefacts, a few of which might still be found in the ruins.


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