Re: Epic NPCs and their stats

From: jongjom2003 <JonGJoM_at_dZaCaDBZTlLU20ojeEnNLFwfgCOB4zI3APb7IUD7tORTE9rTXN4y87aDvi-UDodn3TqN>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 18:39:59 -0000

Very true. And thanks for sitting in the hot seat and the latest WiP.

> Writing up the stats and such for NPCs like Harrek, Jar Eel,
> Androgeus, Argrath, etc. is easily possible. If done well
> it would certainly get priority on the production schedule.
> Taking on that writing task is probably daunting to most
> writers. Getting it wrong would be an uncomfortable position
> to be in. There would probably be a "too high" vs. "too low"
> stat debate regardless. There's also the fact that most things
> lose their mystique and grandeur once they become a set of stats.
> I wouldn't want to see a "Deities & Demigods" effect, wherein
> people use it as a "if it has stats you can kill it" book.

Well yes to a point. I guess writers would be happy to give it a go if supported by Greg and the tribe. And yes we could try and kill it, but expect a high mortality rate. But without stats there is no game, no scale. Or is there a cohort of 'untouchables', just there to railroad the storyline?

> Lastly, do people want to play in campaigns/senarios where they
> interact (or be in conflict) with such powerful demi-god types?

For me: very much so! If not that then what's the point of the scale? It's HeroQuest after all!


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