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From: Trotsky <TTrotsky_at_nMxb4R2cUwLM8W9lC66bzmK9xWUuWkBKLganwksvGkDDy4RlXf1vuUJzUQF2vKKOzRC>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:26:02 +0100

Toread DuDerysi wrote:
> > However, I have to say that I find potential plot hooks a lot less
> > interesting than a character's stats, and not because I want a bag
> of
> > numbers to throw at PCs. I find plot hooks "confine creativity" (to
> > tell the truth, I find most of them of little use) whereas abilities
> > and their ratings give me the tools I need while making few or no
> > assumptions about how my game works.
> I prefer to have a detailed background. That provides me with far
> more plot hooks than a bucket of numbers - numbers I would have to
> adjust to my group's capability or skills I would disagree with.
> But that's just me.

Yeah, its probably worth remembering that while some people find numbers stifling, others find them inspirational and similarly for many other things one could mention. As a rule, I like both detailed background and a bunch of numbers; the two complement each other, and both have their role to play in developing interesting stories.

But you'll never please everyone :)

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