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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_EU24bcEWeZn-2ZC6H85ZipJw0fEuMjsknC_IRCm5PJltwoB1I6tkNeQiuqsT_HYnEwwUG-Z>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 16:33:33 -0700

YGWV Greetings, all.
I am in the process of moving these days, and so have limited time to read, never mind respond, to these discussions. Nonetheless...

I actually began compiling some of these stats, for the Emperor and Harrek, and then ran into a significant point whose discussion brought it to a halt.

The discussion in question was the one about how fast character advance and what the general power level is for different campaigns. I was fascinated by the variants, and rather astonished at the high levels of some characters.

I did give the standards in the main book: page 19. However, I now note that it is incomplete. Or can I just not find it? Is there a statement somewhere about Orlanth being Mastery16? But considering the power level of some campaigns that is too low. No one individual or community or kingdom ought to be able to match up with Ernalda.

That all being said, I can appreciate why some people would want to have lists and details of the hero stats. I will have something of this nature in the Great Argrath Campaign. Although I am still sussing out exactly what. Descriptions, backgrounds of course. Numbers? We will see.

For temporary guidelines--Mastery4 is the human max in my game. Harrek and JarEel. That is, I repeat, my game. YGWV.

Please keep discussing it, though. It is educational for me to see as much as possible of what people want or expect.

--Greg Stafford            

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