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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:57:17 GMT

In message <> "Simon Phipp" writes:
>Donald Oddy:
>> They're easy enough to work out if you really want to. Based on HQ
>> pg. 274 and GITTHW pg. 104/5 here's JarEel:
>That's pretty good. Certainly fine for all of us folk who like to
>change things.
>I'd include a catch-all Lunar Heroine 10W4 just to allow her to
>brush off minor things. Someone throws a spirit at her? Doesn't
>matter because she's a Lunar Heroine.

I don't like catch-all abilities of that sort, particularly at that rating. Loses any sense of character because whatever's happening she only needs the one ability.

>Now, why can't they do this sort of things for the others?

Why can't *you* do them? That took me less than an hour including rereading the sources which are all published. Checking some of the articles on the web could have added more abilities and magic.

I'll agree some of the other heros are more difficult because there's so little published. Is Androgonus a Helering or something else? But that reinforces the point that it's not stats which are needed but sufficent descriptions to know what these people can and want to do.

>> So your PC encounters her. First off there's a contest to see
>> if he or she falls in love with her. Beautiful 10W3 augmented
>> by Foster Infatuation +7 and Weave Illusion with Sound +6.
>> That's a total of 3W4 before she starts trying which the PC is
>> going to oppose with say Hate Lunars 5W. I think we know the
>> result of that contest....
>But the problems start when the opponent has Real Hunk 10W4 and they
>go at it on the battlefield.

That'll be the Western Knight Superhero who hasn't even been described yet. :)

Donald Oddy


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