Re: Scanning the maps from Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:50:06 GMT

In message <> David Scott writes:

>We produced a number of copies of the Nomad Gods maps for a two maybe
>even three Convulsions (with permission). They were done by a
>commercial reprographics company. I don't recall the cost being
>"that" high, maybe =A310-15 per copy, I'm sure we got four full size
>colour maps for less than =A340. That was a few years ago. I also
>remember that the large UW maps sold well at cons. Perhaps they would
>be even more desirable if it was the game as well. Do people want to
>buy the whole game in a tube & ziplock bag? Over to you Rick...

I'd certainly be interested in Nomad Gods but I can't see the game being viable because of the minimum run for printed counter sheets. Having said that it is possible to get blank counter sheets and a sheet of sticky labels could be printed and the buyer gets to cut them out and stick them on. Again a PDF version is probably the way to go.

Donald Oddy


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