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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 12:25:38 GMT

In message <> "Simon Phipp" writes:
>> >Now, why can't they do this sort of things for the others?
>> Why can't *you* do them?
>If I did them, they would simply be my interpretation of what the
>Heroes should be, biased by my tendency towards a more powerful
>game. I'd like to see what other people think the stats should be
>and also to see an official or semi-official view as well.

Which is all the figures I produced are.

>Also, I am a computer programmer and not an RPG designer/writer. I
>have very little spare time and what I do have is taken up with
>other things.
>Why should I have to do everything myself? I have tried in the past
>to support RQ/Glorantha/HQ, but there is only so much that one
>person can do.
>Is it a purely hobby-based game supported only by fans or is it a
>commercial game suported by publishers?

Most of the books are written by fans. I don't know the financial details but few if any authors are RPG designers/writers. It's your choice how much you do but the same is true of pretty much everyone else. The publisher is Rick publishing what others have written in his spare time. So when you ask why "they" can't do something who are you asking?

>> That took me less than an hour including
>> rereading the sources which are all published. Checking some
>> of the articles on the web could have added more abilities and
>> magic.
>Not everyone has access to all the sources for all the heroes. Or
>the time to do it properly.

My point is that you don't need "all the sources", I haven't even got most of the sources. As for "doing it properly" by that standard nothing would ever get published.

Donald Oddy


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