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> > Harrek is invincible in the
> > canon. Why not put a disclaimer in the GAC? Say that the stats are
>> for information, but some narrators may wish to ensure that Harrek
>> never loses a fight therefore always ensure that he is always a
>> mastery or two over any player character he fights.
>David Dunham alluded to something very similar.

I certainly never said that. I apologize if you could take anything I said as an allusion to it.

>I think a group of heroic people should have a chanse of taking down
>Harrek through deviousness, daring and combat prowess.

I entirely agree. If the players make it their story to take down Harrek, they should be able to.

But... For most of us, the story is not about taking down Harrek. If we don't choose to make ourselves major characters in Harrek's saga, I do think he is essentially unbeatable.

But... It's a game with chance involved. Maybe dice will dictate that the characters are part of his story after all. (They'll no doubt have to use hero points as well, a way the game specifies that players can choose story lines.)

Again: the default story role for Harrek is to be an invincible force of nature. But players can choose a different story role.


David Dunham
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