Re: Heortling Duels (in Heortland)

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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 11:57:05 -0000

[LC, helping me figure this out]
> I was really thinking that the agreement probably included no
> weregeld paid to the clan whose champion falls. Mind you, I'm not
> sure heortlings ever agree to that.

To the victor go the spoils, I guess. A huscarl only owns his weapons and armour, so those would go to the victor. Yina owns her mothers sword, a fine silver torc and some jewelry. I guess the agreement will be that those things go to the victor.

> > I wonder if chief Haran's work has been for nothing. Will either
> > clan accept the result of the duel if their clansman/woman falls?
> It certainly sounds like Theyrun's clan might not, even if her
> daughter wins, let alone if she falls. You haven't given us much
> reason why Grymbjorn's clan wouldn't accept his defeat.

Grymbjörn's Steinbock (Ibex) clan is is jealous of the divine cats, and may take poorly to insults before the duel. Still, they tried theft and lost, and would propably hope for the matter to be settled and go away.

I guess the best one can hope for is a nice cinematic duel that would settle the bloodlust and let relationships start to heal.

> > I can sort of see the duel are being a clearing, with both clan's
> > warbands looking on from the opposite sides. The problem here is
> > that it's pretty much exactly the Champion's Battle, and can
> > easily escalate from there.
> It could. Which is one of the reasons I think they might send the
> two away. To an island, to a hilltop, etc. Not allow the two fyrds
> to line up and just tempt it into a Champion's Battle.

Everybody will want to see it, and the young woman also wants everybody to see justice be done. Grymbjörn will want to trounce the little woman up a little, and then spare her life, at the hope of regaining honour and paying back the life he owes that way.

> (Of course, having that as a threat looming over the duel may be
> just what you want for your game. *grin*)

I guess so, even though I dread trying to narrate what happens if things escalate.

> > If it's a fair duel, I'd expect the gods or war to favour the clan
> > whose member won the duel, if it comes to general battle.
> That strikes me as appropriate.

We'll see in a few hours...

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