Re: Heortling Duels (in Heortland)

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_rPs2TCSQuRBgW17l55X4LLJHEsPDyASp6w-KVhqaCVTZLO52hFd1U6oGIgW3dzB11E>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:32:24 -0000

What would be interesting is the terms of the oath. Obviously it settles the matter of the mother's death--there will be no further revenge killsings, demands for wereguild, etc afterwards. Presumably it includes the two clans not interfering with the duel, nor attacking the other clan during the duel.

But does it extend longer than that? Is there anything to stop someone of one clan claiming offense from someone of the other clan? For that matter, if it seems like the impartiality of the duel was somehow compromised, is there anything to stop one clan from sending leaders in their best cloaks to the other clan, to declare blood feud (to keep everything open and legal). Not because of the killing of the mother, of course, but just from general gross offense.

I imagine negotiating the terms of the oath is something for the lawspeakers, as each clan wants maximum freedom of action for themselves, protection from the other clan, and enough clarity that they are not apt to accidentally break the oath and suffer terribly (imagine if it was protection on all members of both clans for a week, and far from the duel, in the deep woods, a hunter of one clan accidentally shot the hunter from another. Or the oath covers all damage, and someone's horse gets spooked and gallops wildly, running down an opposing clansman. In the normal course of things these could be negotiated out easily enough, but if it violated the terms of an oath.....


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