Re: Epic NPCs and their stats

From: Alison Place <alison_place_at_76CBFuMRLI8rqRUGMLmaHiwYrT5q5WUXbdSS2xNHDdMnkRq0zblkNXaXXlWVAHZ>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:18:11 -0700 (PDT)

Got to laugh. I wondered where this had got to. Turns out that Yahoo had dumped it into my own spam collector. Guess this topic is well and truly over!


> I'm with Adept, here. Now, we still play RQ,
> that does make a difference. However, if one of the
> best PCs gets that critical hit for maximum damage
> the right location, then toughers for Harrek. Yeah,
> he may come back. Probably, even. But it will
> him that even he is still mortal.
> Alison
> --- valkoharja <> wrote:
> > As for myself I don't like invincible heroes.
Heroes take their
> > chanses like everybody else, and if Harrek or
Jareel unexpectedly
> > falls in combat I'm sure my players will be
appropriately shocked
> > and sagas and songs will be written of his/her
> > Good gaming all around.
> > -Adept

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