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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:54:14 GMT

In message <p06240802c3389e19668a_at_[]> David Dunham writes:

>What are some items exported from Dragon Pass to Peloria in the
>Imperial Age? Besides ideology and dissidents, that is. Mongoose's
>Glorantha: The Second Age doesn't say much, other than that there are
>Issaries traders.
>I expect the list is somewhat different than the Third Age. Dragon
>Pass is probably as civilized as Peloria in this period.

Which part of Dragon Pass are you talking about?

IMO there is going to be a big difference between the northern part (3rd Age Tarsh) and further south. That's because it is feasable to transport bulk cargos by barge down the Oslir river. So I can see copper, woollen cloth and leather goods travelling north from that part.

>From further south it's going to be rarities and small valuable
items like gems, jewelry and dyes. Maybe livestock although I suspect that doesn't go father north than Tarsh. Any bulk cargos are going to go south to Carse.

The EWF is an empire just like the Lunar one so will have goods travelling from the outer parts to the centre to pay taxes. What those goods are is going to depend on what's produced in the particular area.

I'm not clear on what cities existed in Dragon Pass during the 2nd Age. I'm assuming they were destroyed by the Dragonkill which would imply their ruins should appear on 3rd Age maps? Or are the 3rd Age cities built on the ruins of the EWF ones? Or perhaps the Dragons sucked the buildings into some other plane as part of the Dragonkill?

Donald Oddy


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