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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_Vp7VW244LiSe2lfYjdpGblUuwXCOGX_QL4o55NZvodI_qpTV7fGnTjUxfKni2teTetHD9R8>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:31:53 -0700

Some pages were removed because the authors did not want them in general distribution.
Please, everyone, do not publicly post pages that were removed from the web site without securing the explicit permission from the authors.

Thank you.

--Greg Stafford wrote:
> In message <p06240801c33934e4438a_at_[]> David Dunham writes:
> >Nils would know better than I, but I don't think any public
> >information has been pulled from GTA pages
> >sometimes change for various reasons, but those aren't available to
> >the public, so if that's what you're referring to, I know you won't
> >pass it on.
> >
> >If there is something missing, please let Nils or myself know. Thanks!
> There were a group of pages on the Lunar army many years ago. Some
> are still visible if you know the direct link which can be found
> on the Internet wayback machine. Others have disappeared entirely.
> Judging by the content the ones missing entirely had stuff which
> appeared in Barbarian Adventures and may well have been removed at
> that time.
> I've also got copies although with some of the file names changed
> so the links would need reassembling.
> Definitely not GTA pages.
> --
> Donald Oddy
> <>

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