Re: EWF Trade

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_LhwGuJuhVhzlKwQHKeGQQsWNQkUJZbVbLMccHTqjivYOCXv6nY5afnDRMvm6nxwHppQC>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:50:17 -0000

> The EWF is an empire just like the Lunar one so will have goods
> travelling from the outer parts to the centre to pay taxes. What
> those goods are is going to depend on what's produced in the
> particular area.

That's not exactly right - the EWF is a very unusual empire. The EWF is held together by the web of connections between a draconic "temple" or "school" and mundane society. Master mystic at the top, favored students learning from and catering to the master, aspirants below trying to learn from and cater to favored students. Many of the aspirants are priests or other magic workers. And the temple can call upon the favored students to resolve problems.

These individuals are the glue that links clans, tribes, temples, etc.

     There is no true central authority, although the most powerful mystics - the Eternal Dragon Ring (and who are worshipped as gods throughout the lands under the control) - do have servants that take care of the their mundane affair.


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